Polymer Film Coating Can Turn Contact Lenses Into Screens

Wearable screens put in front of your eyes are already available in the form of Google Glass and other VR headsets, but researchers in Australia just managed to create the foundation for integrating this experience into contact lenses. Researchers from University of South Australia’s Future Industries Institute are taking visual aids to a whole new level. They are turning contact lenses into computer screens.

The technology is a breakthrough both in the contact lens industry the VR/AR industry. What they have created is a “proof of concept”. They have made researched and created a polymer film that can be applied into existing contact lenses. The polymer film contains organic transistors that the researchers have managed to conduct current through. This means that it is possible to construct small electrical circuits directly on the lenses. The circuits created on the film can be used to build sensors that measure glucose levels and other health aspects. But, it is also possible to construct small screens that cover the lenses. The transistors are grown on the polymer film at the nano level, and has been proven safe.

Contact lense vr

“We have always known that our film coating technologies had potential for many applications and now we have taken that a step further by proving that we can make biocompatible, conducting polymers at the nanoscale and grow them directly on a contact lens,” Drew Evans, associate professor at the University of South Australia said.

As with all research at the cutting edge, this is only a breakthrough showing that it is technically possible. If and when this solution finds its way into practical applications, it is too early to predict. It may take years before we’ll see VR headset that displays an image on ordinary lenses.


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