US Military Researching Most Advanced Human to Computer Connection

° January 31, 2016
The most common input solution between man and machine today is the mouse and keyboard, closely followed by the touchscreen. Output is of course the screen and speakers of your device. Virtual reality devices coming to the market the
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Holodeck Like VR Experiences in 15 Years

° January 30, 2016
Put on a pair of goggles, go nowhere, be transported anywhere. In the past, the promise of virtual reality has been shrouded, concealed under clunky visuals. However, the
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Apollo 11 Announced as Rift, Vive and PSVR Launch Titles

° January 28, 2016
The kickstarter-funded Apollo 11 VR Experience, created by Immersive Education, just posted a huge update on their campaign page. It contains a lot of new information, including the official announcement that
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Oculus Rift in Retail Stores Come April

° January 27, 2016
It’s been three years since Oculus found success on Kickstarter. There was pre-order chaos when the consumer Oculus Rift was released a couple of weeks ago. Those who didn’t pre-order that day will now have to wait until June to have their Rift delivered. Or do they?
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The VOID VR – Next Generation Theme Parks

° January 26, 2016
A whole new kind of entertainment has hit the world. A lot of companies are working on bringing virtual reality to people’s living rooms, however one company is already thinking bigger than that.
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