Oculus Rift in Retail Stores Come April

It’s been three years since Oculus found success on Kickstarter. There was pre-order chaos when the consumer Oculus Rift was released a couple of weeks ago. Those who didn’t pre-order that day will now have to wait until June to have their Rift delivered. Or do they?

The Oculus blog post following the release  clearly stated: “Rift will also be available in limited locations at select retailers starting in April. We now know that doesn’t just mean the US.


UK retail chain GAME appears to be the first store taking pre-orders of the Oculus headset. According to one Reddit user, their local GAME store has begun to take pre-orders for the product. However, it might be just a way to confirm interest before a stock purchase. When you visit GAME’s online store, it also gives you the option to “register your interest”. In the US, one would suggest Best Buy – the largest consumer retailer in the country – will have the headset in early april. Given the partnership between the companies, and Samsung’s experience selling inside of Best Buy, it seems a likely route for Oculus.

Oculus says that getting the Rift into “broad retail around the world” is going to be critical to the success of the Rift headset and VR in general. VR is extremely hard to explain with the written or spoken word, and even photos and video don’t fare much better. Oculus founder and CEO Palmer Luckey said in an interview with CNBC “you’re maybe a little skeptical before, you’ve heard of VR in the past and it hasn’t really worked, but now it does and it works in an incredible way, but you have to see it to really believe it”. If that is so, having retailers demo the product will indeed increase interest in VR and the Rift.


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