Clear Signs Google’s Going Into VR, Big Time

A lot people in the virtual reality industry has been questioning Google’s dedication to VR. Google has looked like it’s behind. But, from what we’ve seen so far in 2016, it may be serious about catching up.

There are many reasons to why industry people think Google’s getting into VR/AR for real this year. Google has recently shown that they want YouTube to become a virtual reality video platform. There are literally terabytes of videos available, that are specifically made to watch using cardboard. Other videos can be watched using cardboard, though just in a way that imitates a cinema experience.



If Google chooses to ramp up its efforts to launch its own consumer-focused VR headset, the company is certainly working from a deficit, competing with Facebook, Sony and Samsung in what is one of the hottest markets in technology today. Facebook and Microsoft, Google’s biggest competitors, have plowed ahead with virtual reality and created dedicated VR divisions. Google has just recently confirmed that they are starting one as well.

Clay Bavor - Head of Google's Newly Formed Virtual Reality Division

It might be that Google’s long-term investment in VR tilts more towards augmented reality given their investments in the firm Magic Leap, however one person familiar with Google dubbed that investment “FOMO” – or “fear of missing Oculus”.

Google has been recruiting experts, researchers and leaders from its competitors and also from within the company, to work with VR. Clay Bavor, one of Google’s key executives, previously vice president for product management, is said to be leading VR operations. Just this week, Jason Toff, head of Vine, Twitters short video sharing service, announced that he was leaving to work for google with VR. “I am becoming a member of Google to work on VR. A lot thrilling potential there”

Scott Broock, who led partnership deals for the virtual reality startup Jaunt has moved to YouTube. He’s now “Global VR Evangelist” for the world’s largest video service. The list goes on and on.

So, there is now no doubt anymore. Google is going into VR for real. We will be following them closely and we’re wishing them the best of luck.

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