New Google VR headset Later This Year

There has been several hints that Google is interested in continuing creating virtual reality hardware. We’ve seen acquisitions, hirings and rumors, but now a new report from Financial Times indicates that the company plans to launch a new headset this year.

Google Cardboard made its debut in June of 2014, and has been a huge success. It is still very popular today. Google says over 5 million Cardboard viewers have shipped to users and more interestingly, those users have downloaded and installed more than 25 million apps that are compatible with the headset.

In game cardboard

The new headset from Google will be the successor to Google’s Cardboard VR viewer. It will feature better sensors and more advanced lenses and will no longer be made of cardboard. The successor will however still require the use of a smartphone, just like cardboard.

Cardboard Smartphone

The new headset will be a successor to Cardboard, the cheap-and-cheerful mobile VR viewer that Google launched in 2014, and feature better sensors, lenses and a more solid plastic casing… Google is expected to release its rival headset, alongside new Android VR technology, this year. Like Cardboard and Gear VR, the new headset will use an existing smartphone, slotted into the device, for its display and most of its processing power. – Financial Times

The report also indicates that the new headset will be compatible with a wider range of smartphones than Samsung’s Gear VR, which currently supports just five of Samsung’s phones. The Financial Times report indicates the headset will launch alongside “new Android VR technology.” Google is baking VR into Android itself, rather than relying on third-party apps like Cardboard does today. The benefits of this could be pretty huge. Less lag and delay, which leads to less likelihood of nausea. Better support and hopefully a better market to find VR apps in.

Cardboard Clay Bavor

Google has declined to comment on the FT report, but CEO Sundar Pichai last week signaled the Mountain View, California-based company’s continued interest in virtual reality. It is likely that a new VR-headset will be on the agenda for this year’s Google I/O developer conference, which will be held between May 18 and 20, at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View.


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