Google launches New VR Division

According to multiple sources Google is now starting a dedicated VR division, where one of Google’s key executives – Clay Bavor – will lead the operation. A Google spokesperson has confirmed the news, but declined to comment further.

Google Cardboard which was designed to be a mainstream introduction to VR has had some success as a budget-VR headset, but many analysts believe that Google might be in it to challenge Facebook and Oculus on a completely different level. Google’s certainly working from a deficit. Both Oculus and HTC recently announced shipping dates for their VR-headsets. It might be that Google’s long-term investment in VR tilts more towards augmented reality given their investments in the firm Magic Leap, however one person familiar with Google dubbed that investment “FOMO” – or “fear of missing Oculus”. But that product is several years, if not a decade from being consumer ready.


More that four hundred people at Facebook currently work on Oculus, an Oculus spokesperson said. Google has not released any staffing numbers for the new division. But it is well known that Google employs some of the most talented engineers in the world. With their operating system Android and services like Youtube and Play, Google certainly has some weight to throw around as VR takes off. Clay Bavor, previously vice president for product management at Google, has headed apps such as Gmail, Docs, Drive and Cardboard. He said that the transition was a natural one. According to the article, Bavor has been spending more and more time on VR products and less on other apps. Who knows? If a staffing move like Bavor’s at a company like Google – known for innovation and housing some of the best – would have happened a couple of years ago, the VR market might have looked a lot different today than it currently does.

Source: Uploadvr, Recode, Forbes

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