First HTC Vive Pre Batch Now Shipping to Developers

Valve just announced that their second generation SteamVR development kit, the HTC Vive Pre, is now making its way to developer studios around the world. The HMD was unveiled at CES in January this year and includes numerous enhancements compared to the previous kit.

The Vive developer kit includes of course the Vive headset, along with two Lighthouse base stations. Two wireless Steam VR controllers and the requisite cables will also be in the box. The developers will receive instructions, all of which are designed to have developers understand what kind of kit the Valve and HTC consumer Vive will be.


HTC’s Brian Lowe, Executive Producer working on VR content, did in an interview last summer reveal some really interesting features for the consumer Vive. He said that the consumer version will be shipped with “modular” headphones and a microphone. And that the cable coming off the unit will be made thinner. No information regarding whether or not headphones are being included has come out of HTC or Valve since then.

About 7,000 units will be shipped this month. HTC confirmed that some of these dev-kits have already been delivered to developers, namely those that had working demos at CES. The developers that were previously registered with Valve and HTC will have priority and are first on the list to receive the second gen dev kits.


The release of the consumer Vive is still scheduled for April, it will not be long until a price and starting date for pre-orders is revealed. JB McRee, a 33-year-old senior manager of product marketing for HTC’s VR division, stated that HTC is focusing on making the most premium home VR experience possible. The final price of the product will likely reflect that.


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