PC-bundles comes with priority in queue for Oculus Rift

The first round of pre-orders for the Oculus Rift sold out immediately. But those who do not want to wait til July to have one delivered can order a Dell Oculus Ready PC starting at $999, including a Rift.


It looks like those who want to order an Oculus Rift will have to wait until July before they will have it delivered. However, it seems that computer manufacturer Dell may offer priority in the queue by packaging an Alienware-branded gaming computer together with the VR headset. Customers who purchase a PC package with the Dell XPS 8900 desktop PC or Alienware X51 can buy these with the Oculus Rift and also receive a discount of $200.

The computer packages will reportedly start shipping around the date of the Oculus Rift release, in the beginning in March. This is something Oculus CEO Palmer Luckey has confirmed to The Verge. The deal is only available to customers in The United States.

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