From The Creators of Second Life Comes Project Sansar

Linden Lab, the creators of Second Life just released a new high resolution screenshot. It demonstrates the visual fidelity and complexity one can create in just a couple of hours with their new world building application.

Project sansar 2016

Project Sansar is a virtual world project and the platform they are creating is an online virtual world creator. It allows people to easily create and produce their own interactive virtual experiences, with multi player support, without needing industry resources.

Linden Lab are starting from scratch with project Sansar. It isn’t built on from Second Life. One reason for that is because Second Life isn’t optimized for the high-performance rendering that VR demands. Sansar will be fully VR ready when it is done.

Linden Lab tweet

“The fact is, we will never ever get the frame rate in Second Life to be what it needs to be to have a smooth comfortable experience in the Oculus,” CEO Ebbe Altberg told Roadtovr in an interview. “We now have VR in Sansar and it’s super smooth… we have the framerate and we’ve got some really beautiful scenes up and running.”


There is no set release date for Sansar yet, however Altberg has said that it is under way and that we might see something towards the end of 2016.


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